Lusatian MOSAIK get-together with buying and selling

In the town of Drebkau near Cottbus, MOSAIK friends from Lusatia invite you to a get-together. Every visitor receives a small (MOSAIK) surprise as a welcome gift. Colouring sheets from the Abrafaxe series are available for young visitors. A reading corner with original Abrafaxe and Digedag booklets and books invites visitors to browse and reminisce. Several dealers will have both the Digedags and the Abrafaxe books and issues on sale. Guests can offer MOSAIK collections for sale and have them valued free of charge. Two fan clubs will also be taking part in this 2nd edition: The Mosa.X fan club...

MOSAIK 581 – Ein guter Tausch

To say it right at the beginning: Califax was of course rescued from the floods of the landwater. Abul Abbas moved downhill through the icy water in a state of shock and didn't seem to notice the cold. However, he was unresponsive. In this MOSAIK, we tell you how the elephant survived, what the Abrafaxe experience in Chur and the consequences of a visit to a monastery. Directly to the MOSAIK-Shop.