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The Abrafaxe: Under the Black Flag (Movie)

Who wouldn‘t want to discover an unknown paradise of the past, even if the trip with the time machine might be dangerous? In their first animated feature film the Abrafaxe are travelling to the Caribbean in the 18th century. There they meet two of the most famous pirates in history, beautiful Anne Bonny and fearsome Captain Blackbeard.


The soundtrack features the popular German singer Nena whose song «99 Red Balloons» made it to the top of the U.S.Charts in the 1980s. Produced by Abrafaxe Trickfilm and Hahnfilm («Asterix») in cooperation with Universal Pictures.

The Abrafaxe: Under the Black Flag (Comic)

The complete story of the first animated Abrafaxe film as a comic. A mysterious golden bowl takes the three adventurers Abrax, Brabax and Califax back in history into the exciting time when pirates were crossing the seas of the world. Their friendship is put to test when they meet the legendary pirates Anne Bonny and Captain Blackbeard.

The Making of …

This book offers an interesting insight into the world of comics. The producers of the movie talk about difficult and happy times during production. You can also read about ideas and characters that in the end didn‘t make it into the film.

The Abrafaxe: Under the Black Flag (Novel)

The story of the Abrafaxe movie as a novel. A thrilling adventure story about love, friendship and betrayal set in the Caribbean in the 18th century.



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