Abrax, Brabax, Califax –
Here They Are!


is the smart one. He is an analyser and has a broad knowledge which often helps to find surprising solutions to a problem. He is always eager to learn and to look behind things. This can be sometimes a little nerve-wracking for the other two.


is a real dare devil. He likes to act on the spot and doesn't fear taking risks. He is rather practical – he prefers to solve problems physically. Sometimes his ache for action lets him overlook the consequences. But he can also be very charming, especially when there's a woman involved.


is a relaxed guy who is most content when he's eating. He is not really one for adventures. But he is a good cook and knows much about the helaing power of plants, somethings that has often helped to save friend or knock out enemies.

The Rat

has accompanied the Abrafaxe for a fairly long time. Wherever they go, you can spot the rat, too. It hasn't got the ability to speak, but you can read its mind. Enemies of the Abrafaxe can get really frightened of it. Its cleverness has saved the Abrafaxe more than once from hopeless situations.


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