Introducing the Abrafaxe

Three Adventurers

The Abrafaxe are three little adventurers who have been travelling around the world since 1976. We don't quite know where Abrax, Brabax and Califax actually come from, but they seem to be able to jump into different historical times and places. Thus, they might help building the pyramids in Ancient Egypt, go sailing with the legendary Sir Francis Drake or find themselves on a journey on the famous Orient Express.

The Abrafaxe act with charm, wit and team spirit and would never allow violence as a form of solution. Even though they are very different personalities and don't always agree with each other, they are true friends who would never let each other down.

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What's making the Abrafaxe so special?

  • international characters
  • fun + entertainment for the whole family
  • interesting things to learn
  • authenticity
  • no sex / violence

The Adventures

To read about the three little heroes' adventures is great fun for any age group. At the same time you can learn interesting facts about different epochs in history as well as countries and regions all over the world where the stories are set. While the stories are fictive, the historical settings are authentic and thoroughly investigated. The excellent graphics done by professional comic artists round off the picture. Thus, you get a good insight into the cultural, political, or social conditions of the Abrafaxe's specific hosting countries.

Figures and Facts

The Abrafaxe were created in 1976 as main characters for the German comic magazine MOSAIK. Currently, MOSAIK is Germany's best selling comic magazine. Since 1995 excellent comic books with the Abrafaxe have been published. Their stories also appear weekly as one-pagers in newspapers and magazines. Abrafaxe publications have sold more than 150 million copies so far.

MOSAIK has sold many national and international print and merchandising rights. There has been produced an Abrafaxe movie and there is also a PC game. The seven existing MOSAIK fan clubs in Germany bring out their own fanzines. A chess club and a primary school have named themselves after MOSAIK. Since 1996 MOSAIK has had its own internet website. Abrafaxe fans are using this platform extensively as their chat forum.

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