Complete Comic Stories

Apart from our monthly comic magazine MOSAIK we have published several comic albums since 1995. These albums offer exciting comic stories about the Abrafaxe. Suitable for older children or adults.

Little Detectives

Ages 10+, 48 pages

A jam manufacturer has been kidnapped and nobody knows by whom ... A diamond necklace was stolen on a ship and nobody can be made responsible ... A hell machine went missing and can explode every minute ... Set in Victorian England the Abrafaxe show their investigating abilities and impress even Scotland Yard.

Little Detectives 2

Ages 10+, 48 pages

Why does the man bring a rope into a Café? What happens when Brabax tries to hypnotise Califax and loses control over him? What does the strange message on the garden gate mean? There is an answer to every question - but only the Abrafaxe know it!

Little Detectives 3

Ages 10+, 48 pages

Four new cases from 12, Baker Street. Events, that even Sherlock Holmes quite regrets to have missed. For example, the story about the fish that was stuffed with Spanish gold coins, or the one about Alice's garden where the Abrafaxe discover not only the gravestone of her husband ... However, the Abrafaxe can solve even the strangest case!


Do It Again, Robin!

Ages 10+, 64 pages

The Abrafaxe and Robin Hood. New adventures with the aged hero of Sherwood Forest. Marian, daughter of Robin Hood, gets kidnapped by the sinister Captor. As luck would have it the Abrafaxe also have to settle an old score with the captain of the castle ...

Set Sail, Robin!

Ages 10+, 48 pages

The adventure continues: two years after their escape from England the Abrafaxe and Robin Hood are on their way to Akkon in the Holy Land. On their way, they bump into their arch enemy from Nottingham, the unscrupulous and sly Captor. He seems to have changed however into a virtuous man. Now he organises children pilgrimages into the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Robin and his friends are happy about the obvious change of the villain and offer him their help. A mistake, as it turns out soon ...


Ages 10+, 56 pages

Belgian Congo in 1924. As reporters for the "New York Herald" the Abrafaxe need a good story. Thus, they join Monsieur Corneau, a French surveyor, and Chimbota, an African medicine man, who set out for a remote valley on the other side of the Congo River. The natives of that area don't dare to go – there's talking of some strange monster which apparently lives in the jungle. On their way the expedition has to put up with furious water pigs, blood-sucking mosquitoes, and hungry crocodiles. All these incidents seem to be only signs of a greater secret. In the end there's no more doubt for the three adventurers: there's something wrong in the bush.


Hollywood Pursuit

Ages 10+, 56 pages

Just imagine you're running a small detective agency, and one day this charming blonde steps in and asks you to search for her poodle. Easy money, you think? But things are not always what they seem, especially not in Hollywood in 1932. Suddenly you're facing some malicious gangsters from Chicago who want something from you that you don't have. And you learn that a film camera might shoot even faster pictures than a Thompson 21.

Hollywood Pursuit 2

The Abrafaxe in Los Angeles. Ages 10+, 56 pages

Los Angeles 1935. Just before the premiere of "Hollywood Revenge" the main actor Daniel Demskoff is found dead in his apartment. Investigating the case the Abrafaxe come across one of the most dangerous enemies they ever had ...


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