Short Comic Stories

"Have Fun with the Abrafaxe": under this slogan no less than three one-pagers per week have appeared in newspapers or magazines since 1996. Thus, there are more than 1,000 one-pagers available as digital files now. Some of them were also published in books.

I'm Afraid We're Having Termites

56 pages

This is a book for all the people who are interested in the great mysteries of life. You get to know why the Abrafaxe didn't emigrate to Sirius, how dangerous surfing in the internet actually is, and what happened to last year's missing Easter egg.

Hey, It's the Titanic!

64 pages

In space, in the desert of Gobi or just at home - the Abrafaxe in more than 50 of their funniest adventures, pressed between the covers of this book.

No More Package Tours

64 pages

Holiday in a high-security prison cell, time machines running out of fuel, and flying fish in an aquarium – only some unbelievable stories the Abrafaxe have experienced.

Running Gags

56 pages

There's no place like Berlin! Exciting stories about the Abrafaxe who constantly face new challenges in the jungle of the city. If Brabax doesn't need him for his strange experiments, Abrax probably drives out uninvited guests or chases some apparent thief together with Califax.

Checkpoint Califax

64 pages

Already now Berlin is the city of the future. No wonder that the Abrafaxe are to be found here. More than thirty exciting stories about life in metropolitan Berlin.

At Full Speed

48 pages

A test drive at a Berlin fair-ground turns out to be a trainee programme for astronauts, a night at the Botanical Garden lets a carnivorous plant become suddenly very hungry, and the Russian Space Station MIR activates Califax' sausage kettle. Crazy? But life would be very boring without all these daily interferences.

Space Surfer

48 pages

The Abrafaxe spacecraft takes you off into unknown worlds. As astronauts the three adventurers have to cope with life on a spaceship and exotic planets. Life's really not easy: you meet daft robots or your own look-a-likes, and get constantly attacked by the Stags or other strange creatures. And if your food machines don't work properly you might only get cold coffee which - as you can imagine - makes Califax go mad.


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