Abrafaxe Magazine

1 - The Time Machine

In their first time-travel adventure the Abrafaxe receive a mysterious radio message from Tibet in the year 1959. Having arrived there they realise that they're not the only ones who know about the existence of the time machine ...

2 - The Villain

Lennox ...! If only they'd never met this guy! He caught the Abrafaxe in a slight moment of inattention and now he's got the third wristband. He's been jumping time ever since, trying to change history to his own advantage. If you want to know how he managed to be stealing all over Paris in 1901, you'll find out in this issue.

3 - Diamond Fever

Abrax and Max are on a dangerous mission in India in the 18th century. They want to gather information about the Shirangam Temple from where their arch enemy Lennox has stolen a precious diamond. Soon, of course, they get into trouble and a new adventure begins.

4 - Escape under Palms

Who wouldn't like to be in Hawaii drinking cocktails at tropical beaches? The Abrafaxe seem to be lucky – a defect in the time machine transfers them to the sunny South Sea island. But it doesn't take long before our friends find out that they have been mistaken for some other guys. All of a sudden things are getting a little too hot ...

5 - Millennium City

Millennium City is the name of the latest video game. With its ultra-realistic visual and acoustic effects it shall ring in the new millennium for the computer industry. As Abrax is testing the game on the time machine computer everything changes and nothing stays as it used to be ...

6 - A Matter of Life and Death

Brabax and Max travel back to the Roman Empire where they have to appear as gladiators in a circus. The only good thing about it is that their mean opponent Lennox has to do the same. Together they're trying to find a way out of the deadly arena.

7 - The Candidate

In this issue a guest from the past turns up in the small town of Minimaritta where the Abrafaxe are working at the library guarding the secret of the time machine. The stranger stands as a candidate for the office of mayor. In case he wins he threatens to tear down the library.

8 - The Pluritus Project

This issue takes you deep into space. In ancient Rome Lennox has discovered references leading to an extraterrestrial creature that's able to duplicate things as often as it wants to. Everybody is in an uproar about the Pluritus Project and even Califax becomes a victim of the strange creature.

9 - A Man Like Bogart

Not even the classic movie "Casablanca" is safe from Lennox' mean attacks. Abrax and Califax are quite annoyed when they find out that the scoundrel really managed to cancel Humphrey Bogart from the casting list. "Casablanca" without Bogart? No way! The two Abrafaxe have to travel into the year 1942. They meet a Hollywood star whose self-confidence seems to have disappeared.

10 - The Oracle in the Ice

The Abrafaxe are busy renovating the library which got badly destroyed by Lennox' fatal launching. As if this wasn't enough, the town councillor of Minimaritta threatens to tear down the building if Abrax, Brabax and Califax won't finish their work soon. What that means they only know too well: no more time-travelling! Before it gets too late, Abrax and Califax set off to the Stone Age where they meet mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and neolithic hunters.


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